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Areas of cooperation

ADPC Asian Disaster and Prepared Center cooperation in Bangladesh. They have a large role in a World Bank project, and in Myanmar working with upgrading and training in the use of Climsoft
BMD National meteorological department in Bangladesh. Capacity building for weather and climate services. Competence building on meteorology, climatology, oceanography and IT solutions
CORDEX Assistance in CORDEX Flagship Pilot Study (FPS) for southeast Africa, coordinated by INAM/Mozambique. CORDEX is the Coordinated Downscaling Experiment under the World Climate Research Program (WCRP). It aims at capacity building, networking and regional collaboration on regional climate modeling.
DCCMS National institution for weather and climate services in Malawi. Collaboration on strengthening weather and climate services. Investigate if MET Norway Weather API, can contribute to improved weather services in Malawi
DMH National meteorological and hydrological department in Myanmar. Project is paused after the military coup in February 2021
DPGA UN initiative for digital public goods. Work to elaborate if/whether MET Norway Weather API can be useful for least developed countries
EMI Ethiopian Meteorological Institute. Cooperation on strengthening weather and climate services. Investigate if MET Norway Weather API, can contribute to improve weather services i Etiopia.
INAM National meteorological institution in Mozambique. MET Norway implementing open source visualization tools, work with verification and climate issues in the MIMOZA project
NIBIO Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research. We work together in the Hewadi project. NIBIO's open source tool for plant diseases are about to be customized for use in Malawi. VIPS is approves as a digital public good by UN. VIPS uses weather data from MET Norway Weather API. MET Norway also has a small role in the project MaDips
NORAD Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation. Provides funding for several of MET Norway's partnership projects.
UK Met Office National Meteorological institution in United Kingdom. Lead institution in MIMOZA project
VMHD Department for meteorology and hydrology in Vietnam. MET Norway and VMHD work together on ocean, wave and drift models. Focus on marine garbage.
WMO World meteorological organization. MET Norway provides advisory services related to the implementation of SOFF. Build infra structure for meteorological data in Myanmar.