Logo for SOFF

Systematic Observation Financing Facility, SOFF, is a UN program which aims to massively boost the international exchange of basic surface based observational weather and climate data, benefiting SIDS and LDCs in particular. SOFF is a financing mechanism that will finance parts of the meteorological observations in low income countries.

MET Norway work as peer advisors in Malawi together with the Icelandic Meteorological Office, in Ethiopia together with the Finnish Meteorological Institute and in Bangladesh together with the China Meteorological Administration.

Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services in Malawi, Ethiopia Meteorological Institute and Bangladesh Department of Meteorology are thoroughly mapped and described in the three documents: GBON National Gap Analysis, GBON National Contribution Plan and Country Hydromet Diagnostics Report. Together these documents lay the foundation for the work to be done during the next steps.

When ready these reports will be available at WMO website.

The SOFF project has a time scale of ten years.