Capacity building projects at MET Norway

The Norwegian Meteorological Institute (MET Norway) has for more than 10 years been involved in capacity building projects in several countries in Southeast Asia and Eastern Africa.

From 2023 these projects are combined in a NORAD financed project named Sarepta (Institutional Support and Capacity Building for Weather and Climate Services). MET Norway works with capacity building within sister NMHSs, aiming to increase knowledge and expertise in the areas of weather-, marine- and climate services.We want to build capacity with open data and softwares including Digital Public Goods.

Activities include competence building related to climate services, verification, technical and infrastructure areas, collaboration, extreme weather warnings, weather app, marine weather services and user communication.

Better weather and climate information across various timescales will be beneficial for local decision makers, the general public, and the development of climate resilient societies. MET Norway collaborates with its sister NMHSs in Bangladesh, Vietnam, Malawi, Mozambique, Ethiopia and Tanzania (from 2024).

MET Norway also act as peer-advisors to Malawi, Ethiopia and Bangladesh in the WMO SOFF (Systematic Observation Financing Facility) project.

On this web site you can read more about the projects, activities in each country, our open source tools and our main activities. There are also links to different resources like a calendar, training videos for the use of open source tools and links to various web posts (mostly in Norwegian).

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